The Arcadian Chronicles

Faith Bytes

What happens to a teenage boy when his mind is invaded by a brutalised alien intent on revenging himself on Jessob's grandfather?

Fiath Bytes

At sixteen, Jessob's life in Cnicus, a dust-draped village at the edge of the Arids on the planet Arcadia, is not easy. A misfit in a rigidly organised world where everyone is defined by their occupation, he nurses his crippled grandfather, tends the animals and keeps house for his mother, who controls the village Node.

However, Jessob is far cleverer at getting information out of the Node, and when he discovers an ancient Music site, it triggers a chain of events that change everything, forcing him to leave his village and try to discover what is happening to him.

But in a world where forbidden knowledge is punished by torture and death, Jessob realises that discovering his dark past is lethal....

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Faith Preys

Faith PreysFelina Keeper has had enough. Responsible for storing and maintaining produce in poverty-stricken Cnicus village, her daily duties are bleakly confining.

After helping Jessob escape from Cnicus the previous year, Felina realises that she will probably never see him again. Depressed and grieving for the boy she realises, too late, she loved as a son, Felina’s grip on village affairs slips as she increasingly turns to her little treats to get through each day.

Until Jessob blasts back into their lives exposing the shameful secret that a whole generation of Cnicans struggled to keep hidden.  Felina finds herself the de facto leader as she battles to limit the damage, both physical and emotional, on the villagers.  

Chapter 1


Faith Aloud

Faith AloudWhat does God want from him? This question burns through Seth Priest’s life. Synaesthetic and a visionary, he must have been saved from his ten-year alcoholic haze for a purpose - but what? Seth returns to Cnicus to help  his former best friend, Jessob. And walks into murder and violence.

Can he help Jessob escape from Vrox, and the soul-numbing job of ruling Arcadia, without getting them all killed? Seth doesn’t think so – and he isn’t the only one...

Chapter 1

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